School Cabinet Election 2016-2017

The school cabinet election for the academic year 2016-17 was conducted on 17-6-2016, for the posts of school captain, sports captain, and co-curricular captains.
Students of std VIII and IX gave nomination for the above posts.
Students from std VI to std X were given an opportunity to cast their votes.
The counting of the votes was carried out by the respective class teachers.
The results were consolidated and handed over to the principal.
The results were announced that day itself.

The following students were elected.
School Captain : Sharon (IX .B)
School Vice Captain : Rohith Sankar (IX.A)
School Sports Captain : E.V. Vishnupriya (VIII.B)
School Sports Vice Captain : Sayooj.K.Rajesh (IX.A)
School Co-Curricular Captain : Sivani Rajesh (VIII.A)
School Vice Co-Curricular Captain : Arjun K.M (IX.A)